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Area Rugs

Modern or Traditional, An Area Rug Will Enhance Your Room

At Flooring Superstores Prince George, we display a variety of area rugs from Hayim. As you walk in our front doors, you will see our huge display of area rugs. When you are looking for an area rug, come in and talk to one of our flooring consultants to see what best fits your needs.

Why buy an Area Rug for a room in your home or office?

Area rugs have the unique ability to tie a room together, add character and texture, or just add a splash of colour & warmth. They increase your comfort, and they improve sound acoustics too!

Area Rugs come in a variety of styles that can suite any space in your home – Contemporary or Traditional.

How to Care for your Area Rug

To prolong the age and beauty of your new Area Rug, follow the warranty recommendations for its care and maintenance. Vacuuming on a regular basis will remove the dirt particles that can wear down the pile fibers. We also suggest that once every two or three years, you should have your Area Rug thoroughly cleaned by a reputable rug cleaner. It is important to turn your area rug around periodically, to ensure even exposure to UV sunlight and wear from foot traffic.

If you have questions or concerns about Area Rug Floor Care, feel free to ask the team at Flooring Superstores who will be more than glad to help.

Selecting an Area Rug

What should I buy first?
Often, area rug choices are limited when it comes to pattern, color and what fits into your budget, so you may want to select the rug first, then move on to the furniture, fabrics and paint from there, which should all connect back to the rug through colour, shape, pattern, style or texture.


If you have pets and young kids, be sure to use area rugs that clean easily and have some pattern to hide the inevitable signs of life — spills, stains,hair & wear.


We suggest making the size of the area rug slightly smaller than the area covered or framed by the furniture. It should be large enough to help createand anchor the seating area, but small enough so that there is still space to move around it.Two feet to three feet between it and the walls (or narrow wall bookcases/shelving) is recommended. Another suggestion is to ensure that the front legs of the sofa or chairs will fit on the edge of the area rug.

An area rug in a LARGE space can help create a cozy 'room within a room’, effectively dividing it into a multi-function space without the expense of a wall.


The shape of the area rug can reflect the shape of the furniture or room as well, such as using a rectangular rug with a rectangular table or with a couch of rectangular cushions.

Patterns & Colour

Area rugs with bold colours or rich patterns are easiest to incorporate in rooms with neutral colours on the walls, window coverings or furniture; they will become the room's focal point.On the other hand, a neutral rug with a few bits of colour can help tie together colourful walls or furniture that have the matching colour in them. An area rug with several colours in it provides more options for wall & furniture colours.